The Kind Librarian: Cultivating a Culture of Kindness and Wellbeing in Libraries

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This book will prove an ideal reference for librarians and anyone interested in fostering a culture of kindness and well-being in professional settings.

Information professionals work in dynamically changing environments with a diverse range of patrons, which can sometimes present stressful situations. This book seeks to aid staff in information and heritage organizations in steering through challenges by fostering a culture grounded in kindness and wellbeing, promoting a more supportive and understanding work environment. The strategies presented in this book will ensure the sustained mental health and satisfaction of both staff and the patrons they serve, underlining a human-centered approach to library management and community service. Coverage includes

  • practicalities of kindness in the workplace;
  • crafting a culture of kindness; and
  • kind use of data for wellbeing.

This book explores the practical implementation of policies that support a kind and healthy work environment. Readers will learn how to create strategies that foster collaboration, open communication, and mutual respect among staff and patrons.

Chapter 1: The Library as a Nexus of Community Wellbeing
Chapter 2: Understanding Kindness and Wellbeing at Work
Chapter 3: The Impact of Workplace Culture on Kindness and Wellbeing
Chapter 4: Practicalities of Kindness in the Workplace
Chapter 5: Crafting a Culture of Kindness in Libraries
Chapter 6: Strategies Against a Toxic Culture
Chapter 7: Kind Use of Data for Wellbeing - Contribution from Amy Stubbing
Chapter 8: The Art of Kind Recruitment
Chapter 9: Embracing Change with Kindness
Chapter 10: The Future of Libraries: Flexible Working and Beyond
Chapter 11: Overcoming Challenges and Sustaining Kindness

Conclusion: Kind Libraries for a Kind World

Helen Rimmer

Helen Rimmer is a visionary and compassionate leader with an innate ability to inspire and mentor. She is founder and owner of 'The Kind Brave Leader,' where she specializes in systemic team coaching and culture-building, demonstrating her innovative approach to leadership. Helen has extensive experience within the Library, University and Education sectors and was previously Head of Library and Archives Service at the University of Westminster, where she oversaw a monumental shift from a rigid culture to a collaborative one, impacting a team of 90 across various sites. She has also held positions at Royal Holloway University of London and Cass Business School, underscoring her capabilities in leadership, outreach, strategic planning, and innovation.