Be Opportunity-Minded: Start Growing Your Career Now

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If the proverbial career ladder feels more like a treadmill, it’s time for a different approach. Besides, who wants to climb a ladder anyway? Wouldn’t you rather learn how to explore, grow, and gain new skills that will lead you to new opportunities? This book, from a career coach who’s been advising library workers and other professionals for more than 25 years, is your new toolbox. Alongside plenty of encouragement to help you cultivate a positive mindset, it offers techniques for self-reflection and concrete strategies that will ensure you keep growing regardless of where you are in your career. Teaching you how to recognize opportunities for growth and then leverage them, this resource

  • looks beyond traditional moves into management positions to emphasize alternative career growth options;
  • discusses trends in librarianship and how they should guide your own growth plan;
  • includes inspiring interviews from a wide range of library professionals who have successfully jumpstarted their careers by seizing opportunities; and
  • features worksheets that will guide you as you take action, using a combination of exercises, a customizable timetable, and other related tools.

This book will give you the tools you need to sustain an ongoing, self-directed growth plan, the hallmark of a lifelong successful career.

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Foreword, by Catherine Hakala-Ausperk

Chapter 1    The Workplace Keeps Changing . . . So What?
Chapter 2    Our Careers Keep Changing Too!
Chapter 3    Capitalize on Changes Starting Right Now
Chapter 4    How Well Do You Know You?
Chapter 5    How Well Do You Know What’s New and What’s Next?
Chapter 6    Which Opportunities Are Worth Pursuing?
Chapter 7    Growth Opportunities Are Everywhere!
Chapter 8    Turn an Opportunity into a Reality
Chapter 9    Icing on Your Cake

My Going for It! Growth Plan

Caitlin Williams

Caitlin Williams, Ph.D. is an author, speaker and professional development consultant. She has spent the last 30 years working in the field of career development through writing, speaking, coaching and teaching. Caitlin has had the honor of conducting career coaching for ALA attendees at its twice-yearly conferences since 2000. She has also presented and contributed numerous articles and podcasts to ALA. She has written two previous books on career and workplace topics (one title has been translated into Korean). Caitlin is retired from teaching at San Jose State University and she is looking forward to new adventures!

"Indispensable words of advice from an ALA Career Coach and former SJSU instructor; this book focuses on exploring opportunities and cultivating a positive mindset and strategies for growth.”
SJSU iSchool MLIS Career Blog

"Author, speaker, and professional-development consultant Williams provides a framework that gives readers tools and activities to create a strategy for advancing their own professional growth that can be applied regardless of current workplace or job title ... Library workers at all levels who are open to self-exploration and taking responsibility for their own professional development will find a lot to like."

"[Williams] does a great job of taking such a broad topic and narrowing it down into a clear, precise framework that highlights the essentials ... An invaluable book that nearly anyone who works in the library profession would find beneficial."
Against the Grain