Halo Data: Understanding and Leveraging the Value of your Data

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The past two decades have seen an explosion both in the volume of data we use, and our understanding of its management.

However, while techniques and technology for manipulating data have advanced rapidly in this time, the concepts around the value of our data have not. This lack of progress has made it increasingly difficult for organizations to understand the value in their data, the value of their data and how exploit that value.

Halo Data proposes a paradigm shift in methodology for organizations to properly appreciate and leverage the value of their data. Written by an author team with many years' experience in data strategy, management and technology, the book will first review the current state of our understanding of data. This opening will demonstrate the limitations of this status quo, including a discussion on metadata and its limitations, data mining, data enrichment and Big Data. Following this, the book will present a new concept and framework for understanding and quantifying value in an organization's data and a practical methodology for using this in practice.

Ideal for data leaders and executives who are looking to leverage the data at their fingertips.


1 Who owns the definitions and terms about data?

2 What is metadata?

3 Other ideas of data value and monetization

4 Value from a different source

5 Hello Halo Data

6 Getting to know Halo Data

7 Early examples of Halo data approaches

8 Halo data and data ethics

9 Halo data framework

10 Halo Data applied risk assessment, regulation, customer, the citizen

11 Halo Data and storytelling

Caroline Carruthers

Caroline Carruthers is a data expert and co-founder of data consultancy firm Carruthers and Jackson. She was one of the first women to take on the role of Chief Data Officer in the UK public sector for Network Rail. Caroline has authored several best-selling books on the role of data in organizations and now consults with public, private and charity sector organisations on how to get the most out of their data.

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson is co-founder of Carruthers and Jackson and Director, Group Data Sciences at Legal and General. Previously he was Chief Data Officer at Southern Water and prior to that Head of Data at The Pensions Regulator (TPR), which regulates the pensions and automatic enrolment in the UK. Before joining TPR, Peter spent 17 years providing data strategy consultancy across the not for profit sector, financial services, and FMCG, working with large multi-national organizations and blue chip brands. Peter is a specialist in Data Strategy, Data Technologies, Master Data Management Strategies, Data Governance Frameworks, GDPR, and Data Science Strategies. Peter is the co-author of The Chief Data Officer's Playbook (2017), Data-Driven Business Transformation (2019), and Halo Data: Understanding and Leveraging the Value of your Data (2023). He is an international speaker on Data, Innovation, and business transformation.

"This work can be a worthwhile and thought-provoking read for anyone interested in this subject, whether or not data are a direct part of their work or academic pursuits. Included are many black-and-white tables and diagrams and a brief, though highly subdivided, index."
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