Ryan L. Sittler

Ryan L. Sittler is an associate professor and the instructional technology/information literacy librarian at California University of Pennsylvania. He received his MSLS from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, MSIT from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, and PhD in communications media and instructional technology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Sittler has co-edited multiple books on both information literacy and Springshare’s LibGuides platform. Among these are The Library Instruction Cookbook (2009), Using LibGuides to Enhance Library Services (2013), Innovative LibGuides Applications (2016), and The Library Outreach Casebook (2018). Dr. Sittler is also part of a team that developed the educational information literacy game, "A Planet in Peril: Plagiarism," which won the Caspian Learning 2010 Serious Games Challenge. His current research interests are instructional design in educational games and media effects as they relate to information processing. He also happens to be a huge Doctor Who fan. He can be found on Twitter at @RyanLSittler.

Practical Pedagogy for Library Instructors: 17 Innovative Strategies to Improve Student Learning--eEditions e-book
The Library Outreach Casebook
The Library Outreach Casebook—eEditions PDF e-book
book cover for The Library Outreach Cookbook
The Library Outreach Cookbook
cover image for The Library Outreach Cookbook—eEditions PDF e-book
The Library Outreach Cookbook—eEditions PDF e-book