The Bed Bug Guide for Public Libraries—eEditions PDF e-book

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The Bed Bug Guide for Public Libraries is a thorough look at managing an increasingly common problem for public libraries. The book’s expert author, Sarah Kittrell, collection development division manager of the Wichita Public Library, has served as her library’s pest management coordinator since 2012 and has amassed a lot of experience in the arena. As Sarah says, “…while there is no doubt that bed bugs are a headache for libraries…this guide is meant to help you and your library develop the plans and tools that are necessary to ensure introductions are caught and dealt with as quickly as possible, stopping infestation scenarios before they have a chance to truly start. Libraries around the country and world have successfully dealt with bed bugs and you can too.”

Chapter One — Bed Bugs in Libraries
Chapter Two — The Bed Bug - A Primer
Chapter Three — The Fall and Rise of the Modern Bed Bug Problem
Chapter Four — Wichita Public Library's Story
Chapter Five — Defending Against Infestation
Chapter Six — Quarantine and Infestation Protocols
Chapter Seven — The Pest Management Coordinator
Chapter Eight — Working with Customers Suspected of Returning Items with Bed Bugs
Chapter Nine — Policy and Procedural Decisions
Chapter Ten — Talking with the Media and Public about Bed Bugs
Chapter Eleven — Professional Pest Control Options
Chapter Twelve — Chemicals and Fumigation

Sarah Kittrell

Sarah Kittrell is the Collection Development Division manager for the Wichita (Kans.) Public Library. While she hates bed bugs with a fiery burning passion, she is happy to share everything she's learned about them with other libraries who are just experiencing their first introduction, or commiserate with those who have unfortunately already become familiar with the critters.

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