Library Marketing and Communications: Strategies to Increase Relevance and Results

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Effectively marketing libraries by persuasively communicating their relevance is key to ensuring their future. Speaking directly to those in senior leadership positions, Anderson lays out the structural and organizational changes needed to help libraries answer the relevance question and maximize their marketing and communications efforts. Focusing on big-picture strategies, she shares lessons learned from her 20+ year career in library marketing and communications. No matter what type or size of library you help to lead, by reading this book you will

  • gain insight into why libraries need to tell their stories more effectively than they are today;
  • be able to craft a strategic roadmap for marketing your library and communicating its value in a variety of ways that resonate with key audiences;
  • see why improvements to the structure of your marketing and communications team can lead to better results;
  • learn practical methods for incorporating audience research into your planning;
  • know how to remove customer barriers and discontinue practices that are thwarting your marketing efforts;
  • receive guidance on preparing for potential crises;
  • understand how to be more community-focused by forming and sustaining partnerships; and
  • feel confident in engaging with stakeholders so that they become your library’s best ambassadors.

This book will shake up your marketing and communications approach, helping you implement real changes for lasting results.

Anderson offers on-demand Library Marketing & Communications training via Niche Academy which complements her book.


Chapter 1: Public Relations, Marketing, and Promotion
Chapter 2: Starting with Research
Chapter 3: Developing a Marketing and Communications Plan
Chapter 4: Customers and the Marketing Funnel
Chapter 5: Fixing the Whole Funnel
Chapter 6: Branding Libraries
Chapter 7: Storytelling
Chapter 8: Marketing and Communications Partnerships
Chapter 9: Advocacy Planning
Chapter 10: Reputation Management and Crisis Communications
Chapter 11: Staffing and Organizational Structure


Cordelia Anderson

Cordelia Anderson has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. During her tenure as director of marketing and communications for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, she implemented many innovative marketing and communications strategies that earned her team the inaugural Library Journal Marketer of the Year Award and two John Cotton Dana Awards. Cordelia now runs her own consulting company, working with clients such as libraries, educational organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies. She is a popular public speaker, presenting at many meetings and conferences. The inspiration for her book Library Marketing and Communications: Strategies to Increase Relevance and Results came from her keynote address at the 2018 Library Marketing and Communications Conference. She offers on-demand Library Marketing & Communications training via Niche Academy which complements her book.

" The discussion of marketing and communications partnerships and advocacy planning were my two favorite chapters. Finding organizations that one can partner with and carry the library's message to new and unreached audiences is a smart use of resources as in this way the library can champion their message: a win-win relationship ... The academic and public library sector will benefit greatly from its content."
— Journal of Hospital Librarianship

" An outstanding book about how to successfully and strategically launch marketing and communication plans from within libraries ... I want to re-read this book already. The real life stories shared by Anderson throughout the book as she illustrated the successful and sometimes not so successful ways that libraries market themselves are engaging and inspiring. I have long felt that libraries, generally, struggle with being able to tell their stories (their events, their struggles, their wins) consistently and effectively. This book will inspire you to look at the marketing and communications strategies within your own library, or, if you don’t have one, create one!"
— Against the Grain