Storytelling with Puppets: Second Edition

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Connie Champlin's best-seller Storytelling with Puppets is back! This revision brings back to print one of ALA's greatest all-time hits among children's librarians. The first edition, written by Connie Champlin and (the late) Nancy Renfro went through several printings after its 1985 debut.

In this latest revision of Storytelling With Puppets, Connie Champlin has polished themes and fine-tuned sections to meet today's ever-changing programming environment, paying special attention to literature-based instruction and multicultural themes. Designed for the individual storyteller working in informal settings, Storytelling with Puppets unveils myriad techniques sure to invigorate younger audiences, including open-box theaters, sound and action stories, and story aprons.

This edition also offers a complete repertory for children's storytellers, whether budding or accomplished puppeteers. Encouraging flexibility and creative new ideas, Connie Champlin's latest effort is a resource readers can turn to again and again.

Part One Before the Story
1 Using the Puppet in Storytelling
2 Adapting the Story for Puppets
Part Two The Puppets
3 General Puppet Types and Styles
4 Building the Puppet Collection
5 Developing Puppets for Storytelling
Part Three Roles of Puppets
6 Host Puppets
7 Lead Puppets
Part Four Participatory Storytelling
8 Anything Puppets
9 Sound Stories
10 Action Stories
11 Sound and Action Stories
Part Five Presentation Formats
12 Book Theaters
13 Cup and Container Theaters
14 Finger Stories
15 Open-Box Theaters
16 Overhead Shadow Stories
17 Panel Theaters
18 Stories-in-the-Round
19 Story Aprons
20 Story Totes
21 Tabletop Theaters
Part Six After the Story
22 The Story's Over, What's Next?
Appendix Puppetry and Storytelling Organizations
Bibliography of Puppetry
Bibliography of Storytelling

Connie Champlin