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Author Jason Martin won’t tell you how to be a leader. In fact, that’s not the point of his book. Instead he’ll give you a roadmap and the tools to find it out for yourself, guiding you to discover why you want to lead, how you can best lead, and what your own unique leadership practice looks like. Activities will both allow you to explore your leadership identity and develop your leadership practice. Signposted with prompts for self-reflection, workshop discussions, and mentoring conversations, this guide’s topics cover core issues like

  • discovering why you want to lead;
  • research findings on the five most desirable traits in library leaders;
  • wrestling with the constraints of organizational culture;
  • a tour of practical leadership models such as Theory Z, Situational Leadership, Transformational Leadership, and emotional intelligence;
  • how to develop habits that will bolster your confidence through inevitable moments of doubt;
  • cultivating a “people first, mission always” mentality;
  • self-care for leaders; and
  • living out your unique leadership vision through goal setting, self-evaluation, and other key steps.

By following the activities in this book and using them to inform your leadership practice, you will add value to your leadership and to your library. As Martin demonstrates, it all starts with asking yourself, “What can I do today to make myself a better leader?”

Getting Started    

Chapter One: Leadership Self-Analysis    

  • Definition of Leadership    
  • Leadership Traits, Skills, and Abilities    
  • Theory of Leadership    
  • Unique Selling Proposition    
  • Leadership Ambition    

Chapter Two: Leadership, Followership, and Organizational Culture    

  • Leadership    
  • Followership    
  • Organizational Culture    
  • The Leadership/Followership Process    
  • Your Leadership Experience    

Chapter Three: Leading Yourself    

  • Leading Yourself Effectively    
  • Self-Care    

Chapter Four: Leading Others    

  • Leading Others Effectively    
  • Leadership Traits, Skills, and Abilities    
  • Theory X, Y, and Z    
  • Contingency Theory and Situational Leadership    
  • Leader-Member Exchange    
  • Transformational Leadership    
  • Emotional Intelligence    
  • Authentic Leadership    
  • Servant Leadership    

Chapter Five: Developing a Leadership Practice    

  • Reexamination of Leadership Definition and Theory    
  • Leadership Goals    
  • Develop a Leadership Plan and Practice    

Go Lead!    

Jason Martin

Jason Martin is associate dean of the James E. Walker Library at Middle Tennessee State University, where he oversees library assessment and professional development. He holds an EdD in educational leadership from the University of Central Florida and an MLS from the University of South Florida. He researches, publishes, and presents on leadership, organizational culture, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, productivity, and goal setting and achievement.

"With the vast amount of content in the area of leadership, individuals who are new to this area of study could easily be intimidated by the mountain of literature and subsequently feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin. Martin’s work provides an excellent remedy for this. The brief and interactive nature of Martin’s Library Leadership Your Way makes his work a much-needed tool for twenty-first century librarians."
— Catholic Library World