Interim Leadership in Libraries: Building Relationships, Making Decisions, and Moving On— eEditions PDF e-book

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It’s common for libraries to use visiting, interim, temporary, and acting roles to solve a variety of personnel vacancies. And with the current, widespread retirements and turnover at the most senior levels of library leadership, more and more libraries are being led by interim leaders.
Interim Leadership in Libraries: Building Relationships, Making Decisions, and Moving On draws on evidence-based research, professional expertise, and personal experience to address the practical implications that arise from the decision to appoint interim leaders. Authors from a variety of institutions who have served in many different interim roles explore this unique type of leadership in five thorough sections:

  • Building Relationships for Interim Leaders
  • Leading with Confidence
  • Making Long-Term Decisions as an Interim Leader
  • Leading Through Contraction: When No One Can Be Hired
  • Moving On: When the Dust Settles 

Chapters cover topics including serving as a non-librarian interim, leading through a hiring freeze, strategic planning and reorganization as interim, and developing future library leaders. Individuals asked to step into interim or acting leadership roles face personal and professional challenges. This book will help leaders, and those who work with them, learn from the successes and failures of others who came before them in order to have a lasting impact on their organization.

Introduction. Question Your Assumptions About Interim Leadership
Jennifer E. Knievel and Leslie J. Reynolds

Section I: Building Relationships for Interim Leaders
Chapter 1. Interim Leadership by the Numbers: Leadership Turnover in Academic Libraries
Jennifer E. Knievel
Chapter 2. The “Double Dean”: Embracing the Unexpected Opportunities of a Non-librarian Interim Dean
L. Angie Ohler, Adriana Gonzalez, and Lynda Coon
Chapter 3. Building Trust: The Reluctant Interim
Edward A. (Tony) Brewer
Section II: Leading with Confidence
Chapter 4. “Acting Up,” Or Just Acting?
Rebecca Hutchins
Chapter 5. When the Real Dean Gets Here
Deirdre A. Scaggs
Chapter 6. Overcoming Interim Inertia
Lisa Tyson
Chapter 7. Finding the Way Forward: Expectations for Interim Law Library Directors
Billie Jo Kaufman and James M. Donovan
Section III: Making Long-Term Decisions as an Interim Leader
Chapter 8. Taking the Wheel in Choppy Waters: Leading Transformational Change as an Interim Head During a Crisis
Suzanne Wones and Claire DeMarco
Chapter 9. Tackling a Reorganization as an Interim Administrator
Vickery Kaye Lebbin
Chapter 10. Strategic Planning in Times of Transition: When Interim Becomes the Strategy
Katy B. Mathuews, Miriam Nelson, and Hanna Schmillen
Section IV: Leading Through Contraction: When No One Can be Hired
Chapter 11. Avoiding Freezer Burn: Before, During, and After of a Hiring Freeze
Karen Rupp-Serrano
Chapter 12. Caught in Red Tape: Changing Administrations, Multiple Vacancies, and Interim Leadership in Federal Libraries*
Kari Anderson and M. Kathleen Kern
Chapter 13. Interim Management During a Hiring Freeze, Salary Freeze, and Salary Reduction
Shelly McCoy
Section V: Moving On: When the Dust Settles
Chapter 14. Developing Prospective Interim and Future Academic Library Leaders: Reflections for Leadership Practice
Denise Stephens
Chapter 15. How Much Do You Really Want to Know? When the Interim Dean Onboards the New Dean and Offboards Themselves
Leslie J. Reynolds and Holly E. Jeffcoat
Chapter 16. What Now? Reflections on When You Are No Longer the Interim Leader
Jennifer E. Knievel and Leslie J. Reynolds

Jennifer E. Knievel

Jennifer E. Knievel is a professor and lead of the Researcher & Engagement Team at the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries. She has held four interim leadership roles in her career, all at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she was the interim head of Reference & Instruction in 2005–2006. She also held two interim roles as associate dean of libraries and one as senior associate dean of libraries between 2016–2019. She has been in management positions since 2004.

Leslie J. Reynolds

Leslie J. Reynolds is a professor and senior associate dean of libraries at the University of Colorado Boulder. She has held five interim leadership roles in her career. Her first full-time position was at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign as a visiting assistant engineering librarian. She served over two years as the interim associate dean for User Services at Texas A&M University. At the University of Colorado Boulder, she served as interim dean of libraries for a little over a year, spent six months as the interim dean of the Graduate School, and most recently served as the co-interim leader for the library’s Collection Strategies division. She has held library management positions since 2001.