I Found It on the Internet: Coming of Age Online, Second Edition

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Today's teens immerse themselves in the world of technology as never before. But texting, tweeting, chatting, blogging, and other social networking largely occur in a free-for-all environment of unbridled access; quality takes a backseat to quantity. To help librarians, educators, and parents step in to guide teens' decision making, Frances Jacobson Harris offers a thoroughly updated edition of her classic book, including

  • Advice on how to help young people make good decisions, especially in such thorny areas as music and media sharing
  • Tools for formulating information and communication policies, with research and commentary on the latest technology
  • Practical ways of dealing with the problematic issues of hacking, cheating, privacy, harassment, and access to inappropriate content

Packed with timely information, Harris's book remains the best resource for being an effective technology mentor for students.





Part I Today's Landscape
Chapter 1 Teenagers and the Library
Chapter 2 Information-Retrieval Systems: For Better or for Worse
Chapter 3 Information Technology Meets Communication Technology

Part II Consequences
Chapter 4 The Fallout: Intended and Unintended Consequences
Chapter 5 From Mischief to Mayhem: Behavior
Chapter 6 The Deep End: Content

Part III Next Steps
Chapter 7 Fishing Poles, Not Fish: Damage Control
Chapter 8 Putting It All Together





Frances Jacobson Harris

Frances Jacobson Harris is the librarian at University Laboratory High School, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is professor of library administration, University Library. She team-teaches a required computer literacy course sequence for eighth- and ninth-grade students that includes information-literacy and Internet-ethics components. Harris is the author of many articles and presents frequently on topics related to young adults, Internet ethics, and digital information. She earned her master's degree in library and information science at the University of Denver.

"Aside from academic research, Harris goes into the tricky territories of social networking, music and media sharing, and dealing with online harassment. I Found it on the Internet is full of ways educators, librarians and parents can broach these subjects with children and adolescents in such a way that students will be able to make their own educated choices—and skip over the hazy, gray areas that are so ubiquitous online."
--Curriculum Review

"The book is clearly written for library media specialists dealing with teen and young adult patrons, but the suggestions could easily be adapted to younger children, who are almost equally exposed to digital media. For new librarians, the book is very approachable, keeping issues like filtering, appropriate content, and cyberbullying fresh in their minds. This is a highly useful book because it puts all of this valuable information about media, teen patrons, and the changing face of libraries in one volume."
--School Library Journal

"A much-welcomed and invaluable resource, providing insightful clarification and guidance for working with a young, tech-savvy population. "
--Public Libraries