Doing Social Media So It Matters: A Librarian's Guide

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Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn: it's difficult enough to keep abreast of social media Web sites, let alone understand how they fit into today's library. This practical resource brings together current information on the topic in a concise format that's easy to digest. Laura Solomon is a librarian with more than a decade of experience in Web development, design, and technology, and her timely guide

  • Provides context on the social media phenomenon
  • Offers practical advice on how libraries can choose, use, and monitor these tools effectively
  • Identifies additional resources and best practices

Solomon has written a unique, to-the-point guidebook for those ready to jump into the deep end of the pool and commence or improve their library's tweeting, posting, and friending.

1 Getting a (Better) Grip on Social Media
2 Getting Started
3 Understanding Social Media
4 Strategies for Social Media Success
5 What Can We Count?
6 Is It Worth It?
7 A Few Final Words

Laura Solomon

Laura Solomon, MCIW, MLS, is the Library Services Manager for the Ohio Public Library Information Network. She has been doing web development and design for over twenty years, in both public libraries and as an independent consultant. She specializes in developing with Drupal. She is a 2010 Library Journal Mover & Shaker. She’s written three books about social media and content marketing, specifically for libraries, and speaks nationally on both these and technology-related topics.  As a former children’s librarian, she enjoys bringing the “fun of technology” to audiences and in giving libraries the tools they need to better serve the virtual customer.

"Author Solomon knows how to do social media. She was instrumental in saving much of the $147 million budget reductions directed at libraries announced by the Ohio governor in June 2009, and she did this by mobilizing library supporters through Twitter and other social media sites ... The book gives both the novice and the experienced social media practitioner advice on how to use these virtual-communications tools more effectively and is recommended for any library desiring to increase the social media effectiveness quotient of the staff."

"Offers a practical and balanced approach to existing and emerging technology."
--Public Libraries