Archives and Recordkeeping: Theory into Practice

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Articulating the core principles and issues that shape the discipline as well as their impact and relevance for the 21st-century professional, this important book simplifies and demystifies archives and recordkeeping theory and its role in contemporary  practice. Using an accessible approach, it outlines and explores key literature and concepts and the role they can play in practice. Brown and a raft of leading international thinkers and practitioners from the archives and records management world, including Jeannette Bastian, Alan Bell, Anne Gilliland, Rachel Hardiman, Eric Ketelaar, Jennifer Meehan, and Caroline Williams, consider the concepts and ideas behind the practicalities of archives and records management to draw out their importance and relevance. Key topics covered include:

  • Records and archives: concepts, roles and definitions
  • Archival appraisal
  • Arrangement and description: between theory and practice
  • Ethics for archivists and records managers
  • Archives, memories, and identities
  • The impact of philosophy on archives and records management
  • Technological change and recordkeeping theory

This is essential reading for students and educators in archives and recordkeeping and invaluable as a guide for practitioners who want to better understand and inform their day-to-day work. It is also a useful guide across related disciplines in the information sciences and humanities.

  Introduction -  Caroline Brown  1. Records and archives: concepts, roles and definition - Caroline Williams  2. Archival appraisal: practising on shifting sand - Anne J. Gilliland  3. Arrangement and description: between theory and practice - Jennifer Meehan  4. Ethics for archivists and records managers - Jeannette A. Bastian  5. Archives, memories and identities - Eric Ketelaar  6. Under the influence: the impact of philosophy on archives and records management - Rachel Hardiman  7. Participation vs principle: does technological change marginalize recordkeeping theory? - Alan R. Bell

Caroline Brown

Caroline Brown is Deputy Archivist at the University of Dundee and is program leader and lecturer on the Archive and Records Management program at CAIS. She regularly writes and lectures on archival issues and serves on the committees of a number of professional bodies.

"This book provides a synthesis and an overview of all theories concerning the management of documents and archives, which were developed during the last century to the present ... I encourage both professionals and students to read this book to complement and cultivate their theoretical knowledge in document management and archives."
— Érudit