Let's Roll: A Guide to Setting up Tabletop Role-Playing Games in your School or Public Library

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Master all the skills you need to deliver a tabletop role-playing game program in the library!

For librarians or teachers who aren't players themselves, the scope of role-playing games can seem overwhelming. Starting from the basics, Let's Roll is a practical guide to delivering a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) in a school or public library, all within the time constraints imposed on library sessions. Coverage includes:

  • a step-by-step guide to setting up a TTRPG program in your school or public library, including an example of a TTRPG proposal;
  • advice on bringing senior management on board to a TTRPG program;
  • how to attract players, basic table rules, and preparing as a game master;
  • the health and learning benefits of TTRPGs including creativity, teamwork, cooperation, boosting confidence, and encouraging reading; and
  • a comprehensive list of TTRPG games and how to implement them.

Featuring case studies from librarians around the world focusing on their experiences setting up TTRPGs, Let's Roll will help librarians, teachers, and other educators deliver an engaging program that delivers significant benefits on a budget—and is a huge amount of fun!



Chapter One: The Benefits of Playing TTRPGs

Chapter Two: Case Studies

Chapter Three: How Do I Get Started?

Chapter Four: Session Zero

Chapter Five: TTRPG Reviews & Additional Resources


Lucas Maxwell

Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, Lucas Maxwell has been working with teens in public and school libraries for close to fifteen years. He is currently the librarian at Glenthorne High School in London, UK. He writes for Book Riot and has contributed to School Library Journal and American Library Association publications. In 2017, Lucas was named the School Librarian of the Year by the UK's School Library Association.

"This is a well-organized title with very specific strategies for success and a gentle, conversational tone ... Recommended for any school or public library professional who has felt trepidation about introducing an RPG program."
— School Library Journal

"A solid resource for first time GM’s and group facilitators who aren’t quite sure where to start or need that extra bit of support to get their event cleared with their organization. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own group at their local library."

Praise for Let's Roll: A Guide to Setting up Tabletop Role-Playing Games in your School or Public Library

“Reading Let’s Roll is like talking to a close friend who genuinely loves these games and wants you to love them, too. It’s compassionate and beginner-friendly, but also takes a deep dive into the specific joys and challenges of running games with kids. I can’t wait to start recommending it to others, it’s a critical hit!”
— Katie Lear, counsellor and founder of Young Dragonslayers