Ursula Gorham

Ursula Gorham, PhD, JD, MLS, MPM, is an associate director in the Office of Faculty Affairs at the University of Maryland (UMD). Previously, she was a senior lecturer in the College of Information Studies at UMD and served as the director of the Master of Library and Information Science program. She is admitted to practice law in Maryland and previously served as a law clerk in Maryland appellate and federal bankruptcy courts. Dr. Gorham’s recent research has focused on public policy issues related to libraries and she has also written extensively on access to legal information and government documents. She is the author of Access to Information, Technology, and Justice: A Critical Intersection (2017), as well as the coauthor of Public Libraries, Public Policies, and Political Processes: Serving and Transforming Communities in Times of Economic and Political Constraint (2014), Libraries, Human Rights, and Social Justice: Enabling Access and Promoting Inclusion (2015), and Understanding Human Behavior: When, How, and Why People Interact with Information (2021).

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