Supercharged Storytimes: An Early Literacy Planning and Assessment Guide

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Based on the groundbreaking research of VIEWS2—the first systematic study of storytimes done to date—this book recommends simple interactive ways to emphasize early literacy techniques and encourage children to use and practice their pre-reading skills while preserving the delight inherent in storytime. And unlike many other storytime resources, the authors use the findings of VIEWS2 to offer guidance in performing assessment, as well as giving tips for planning and conducting storytimes. Put simply this book assists storytime presenters, children's librarians, and others involved with early literacy by

  • presenting ready-to-use planning tools based on early learning benchmarks with a clear focus on developmental stages;
  • demonstrating how to foster early literacy development by inserting the VIEWS2 early literacy domains into the five practices from the second edition of Every Child Ready to Read® @ your Library®;
  • interweaving testimonials from storytime practitioners throughout the text to provide real-world insight;
  • showing how storytime presenters can connect with parents and caregivers to promote family engagement;
  • providing guidelines, worksheets, and recommendations for storytime assessment, with particular attention to self-reflection and peer-to-peer community learning;
  • highlighting professional development resources that encourage sharing and problem-solving within the larger community of children's and youth librarians; and
  • providing administrators with research-based evidence that supports current and future advocacy for early literacy in public library programming for children.

Using this book's systematic approach, readers will be able to plan their storytimes with a clear idea of what to look for in the children they serve, and then continually improve how they meet the needs of their communities.

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Foreword by Diane Hutchins, Early Learning Consultant, Washington State Library
Read Me First!

Part I    A Commitment to Early Literacy in Storytimes


  • Project VIEWS2: The Storytime Study

Chapter 1    Supercharged Storytimes and the VIEWS2 Planning Tool

Part II        How to Supercharge Your Storytime!



  • The Relationship between VIEWS2 and ECRR
  • VIEWS2 Planning Tool (VPT)

Chapter 2    Talking
Chapter 3    Reading
Chapter 4    Singing
Chapter 5    Playing
Chapter 6    Writing

Part III    Assessing Your Supercharged Storytime



  • Project VIEWS2: Exploring Storytime Assessment

Chapter 7    Self-Reflection
Chapter 8    Peer Mentoring in the Field
Chapter 9    The Big Picture: Incorporating Assessment in Your Storytime Practice

Part IV    The Future of Early Learning and Storytimes



  • Moving beyond VIEWS2

Chapter 10    Before You Go

Appendix A    Storytime Assessment Worksheets
Appendix B    VIEWS2/Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Crosswalk
Appendix C    VPT Organized by Age

VIEWS2 Glossary of Abbreviations


Kathleen Campana

Kathleen Campana is an assistant professor at the Kent State University Information School, where she teaches in the area of youth services. Her research focuses on understanding the learning that is occurring for children and youth in informal learning environments and how the environment encourages and supports that learning. Prior to joining Kent State, she earned her PhD at the University of Washington Information School.

J. Elizabeth Mills

J. Elizabeth Mills is a PhD candidate and the Beverly Cleary Research Assistant at the University of Washington Information School. She received her MLIS from UW in 2013. She studies how public children’s librarians use the design concept of reflection in their storytime planning, delivery, and assessment. She has written many books for children, including The Spooky Wheels on the Bus, published by Scholastic, Inc.

Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting

Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting, an early childhood literacy consultant, worked on the PLA/ ALSC initiative, Every Child Ready to Read @your library®. She implemented the program at Maryland's Montgomery County Public Library when she was early childhood services coordinator. A children's librarian since 1976, she stays in touch with public service by working at Neill Public Library (Pullman, WA) and Moscow (ID) Public Library. She received her MLS from Catholic University. Follow her on Twitter at @sghoting.

"This work is a departure from typical materials on this subject ... An in-depth look at how librarians can incorporate practices and behaviors into their storytimes, thus ultimately increasing the perceived value of the programs."
— School Library Journal

"A worksheet at the end of each chapter allows for reflection on the early literacy activities of talking, reading, singing, playing, and writing. Appendices in the back of the book provide storytime assessment worksheets, outcomes crosswalks, and a VIEWS2 planning tool organized by age … For those who want or need to provide proof that preschool storytimes are important for early literacy development, this will be invaluable."
— Catholic Library World