Steven L. Carr

While Steven L. Carr was serving on the ALA/IIDA Interior Design Award Committee of ALA's Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) Building and Equipment Section, the idea for this book was born. (The first LEED AP librarian in the U.S., Anne Larsen, served on this committee; Steve was the second librarian in the U.S. so accredited.) Committee chair Dalia Corkrum was flying home to the state of Washington after an ALA conference, and she happened to meet her long-time colleague Mary Carr on the flight. When asked what she was up to, Carr replied that she was working on green buildings. Corkrum asked if Mary if she knew Steve Carr. Thus our harmonious and serendipitous collaboration??Carr2 as we refer to it??was formed!

The Greening of America's Libraries: LEEDing the Way--eEditions e-book