Snapshots of Reality: A Practical Guide to Formative Assessment in Library Instruction

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Snapshots of Reality is a practical book for instructional librarians. The chapters in this volume assume that classroom-based assessment does not have to take away from invaluable instruction time, nor does it have to be some overwhelmingly complicated task. Formative assessments are "bite-sized" assessments that help the librarian get a snapshot of the students' level of understanding in relation to the learning target(s). These mini-assessments are usually learning tools themselves and can be assessed quickly enough that the librarian can adjust his or her teaching on the spot to meet the immediate needs of their learners. This very practical book explores the adaptation of formative assessment theory into something that works for the library one-shot and more advanced instructor-librarian collaborations. It also includes 48 FAST (Formative Assessment Snapshot Technique) ideas and a guided planning template to help librarians seamlessly bring formative assessment into the library classroom.

This book is appropriate for all types of academic libraries, school libraries with strong information literacy programs, and library and information school collections.

Part I Understanding Formative Assessment
1. Introduction to Formative Assessment2. Are Academic Librarians Doing Formative Assessment?3. Embedding Formative Assessment into Library Instruction: The Advantages and Challenges Ahead
Part II Using Formative Assessment in the Academic Library Classroom
4. Introduction to Part II: Guided Implementation, from Theory to Practice5. Formative Assessment Snapshot Techniques for Before Instruction6. Formative Assessment Snapshot Techniques for During Instruction7. Formative Assessment Snapshot Techniques for After Instruction
Part III Digging Deeper into Formative Assessment
8. The Relationship between Formative Assessment for Student Learning and for Teaching Improvement9. Technology and Formative Assessment in Student Learning10. Formative Assessment in School Libraries and Media Centers11. Working towards a Culture of Assessment 
Appendix: Formative Assessment Guided Implementation Template

Mary Snyder Broussard

Mary Snyder Broussard is Assistant Professor and Instructional Services Librarian, Coordinator of Reference and Assessment at Lycoming College, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Rachel Hickoff-Cresko

Rachel Hickoff-Cresko is Assistant Professor in the Education Department at Lycoming College, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Jessica Urick Oberlin

Jessica Urick Oberlin is Assistant Professor and Instructional Librarian, Coordinator of Access Services at Lycoming College, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.