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There are plenty of resources about teen services that focus on YA readers' advisory and programming ideas. But the basics of day-to-day service to teens in the library setting, a discipline requiring specific skills, is all too often glossed over in professional literature.  As a result many LIS grads begin serving teens armed with an incomplete understanding of why their job is both important and unique, and what they need to know from day one. This compromises their effectiveness as both young adult librarians and advocates for teen services. In this down-to-earth book, former Library Journal Mover and Shaker Velásquez explores real-world challenges and obstacles to teen service that often present themselves, offering solutions and guidance for both new YA librarians and those wanting to freshen up their approach. Presenting fresh ways of thinking about the role of the teen services librarian and how it fits into the organizational structure, Velásquez

  • Combines field-tested approaches with current research to tackle common teen library service issues such as truancy, curfews, programming philosophy and mission, privacy, and organizational resistance, whether subtle or overt
  • Addresses each topic from the perspective of working with teens, family members, fellow colleagues, and community stakeholders
  • Presents realistic strategies to help shift a library's culture towards one that embraces teens and teen services
  • Shows how to get the most out of a library's teen space, discussing factors like location, age restrictions, time of day restrictions, and staffing, plus suggestions for using the shelf-space of the YA collection as a starting point

This book goes beyond the "what" and "how" of teen services to get to the "why," ensuring that both new and experienced practitioners will understand the ways teens want to use public space, discover and create information, and interact with peers and adults.

Foreword, by Anthony Bernier, Ph.D.

Chapter 1    Teen Library Space
Chapter 2    Teen Library Programming
Chapter 3    Crafting Service Dynamics and Modeling Service Strategies
Chapter 4    Rules, Conduct Codes, and Behavior
Chapter 5    Access, Control, and Privacy
Chapter 6    Lightning Round: Addressing Common Issues and Concerns


Jennifer Velásquez

Jennifer Velásquez is the author of Real-World Teen Services (ALA Editions) and numerous articles on serving teens in the library setting. As an educational diplomat with the U.S. Department of State, she has assisted libraries in the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Ukraine, France and Italy with the implementation of services for teens. In 2011, Library Journal recognized her as a “Mover & Shaker” in the area of innovation, and she is the recipient of The New York Times Librarian Award (2005). Jennifer serves as Coordinator of Teen Services for the San Antonio Public Library System (TX) and is a Lecturer at San Jose State University’s iSchool (CA). 

"In six fun-to-read chapters, Velásquez covers a wide range of topics inspired by her own experiences and by the questions she has received from practicing teen services librarians and from students in her introductory course on teen services. She focuses on the why of teen library services and demonstrates the importance of trusting teen ideas and desires regarding library experiences … Highly recommended for anyone interested in the real world of teen librarian services."