Preservation and Conservation for Libraries and Archives

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"In this book, preservation refers to steps that address the overall safekeeping of all the holdings.Conservation is used to mean hands-on treatment."—Nelly Balloffet and Jenny Hille

When materials aren't available due to deterioration, missing pages, disconnected covers, or other problems, it can be frustrating for users and librarians alike. The answer is to provide appropriate care for the collection from the outset, while also guiding staff on making needed repairs. In Preservation and Conservation, two experts show library administrators and decision makers optimal collection preservation techniques, what it takes to set up a conservation work area, and safe ways to mount a small exhibit. Throughout, those responsible for repairs will find easily learned, illustrated, step-by-step instructions to repair and conserve books and documents. Appendixes include care of photographs as well as lists of suppliers, and additional resources.

Using this comprehensive answer book, users will learn to:

  • Extend the shelf life of collections with proper environment and housekeeping

  • Understand priorities and recover after disasters

  • fire, flood, mold and more

  • Explain "handling basics" to customers to reduce document harm

  • Repair books and documents using field-tested methods

  • Identify optimal storage for fragile or odd-sized pieces

For any library, archive, or historical society committed to getting materials back into circulation as quickly as possible, this reference offers a one-stop solution. From the issues relevant to directors to hands-on instructions for technicians, it's an excellent reference for the entire library.


Section 1: The Basic of Preservation
Disaster Planning and Response
Storage Methods
Summary of Basic Preservation Procedures
Work Flow Charts

Section 2: Getting Started
Setting Up a Work Area for Preservation Activities
Working Tips

Section 3: Simple Preservation Techniques: Rehousing Library and Archive Materials
Preliminary Stages
Counting; Ordering Supplies
Cleaning Materials

Section IV: Paper Conservation Techniques
Overview of Western and Japanese Paper
Testing pH
Supplies and Equipment Needed for Paper Repairs
Techniques for Handling Paper
Paper Repair Techniques

Section 5: Book Conservation Techniques
Brief Review of Bookbinding Structure and Terminology
Techniques for Handling Books
Supplies and Equipment Needed for Book Repair
Other Supplies

Section 6: Small Exhibitions
Design the Exhibition with Conservation in Mind
Mounting an Exhibition
Exhibiting Flat Paper Items
Mounting, Hinging, Matting, Framing
Preparing Books for Exhibition
Closing the Show

Appendix A: Care of Photographs, by Ana B. Hofmann
Appendix B: Suppliers; Commercial Conservation Binders
Appendix C: Sources of Help and Advice
Appendix D: Glossary
Appendix E: Bibliography


Nelly Balloffet

Nelly Balloffet began her library career as a cataloger after receiving her MLS from Columbia University. She became interested in preservation and trained in book and paper conservation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, later working with Carolyn Horton. She is founder of Paper Star Associates, Inc., a business devoted to preservation of books and works on paper. She has collaborated with Jenny Hille at numerous workshops and in writing the appendix to Emergency Planning. She has been teaching preservation for more than 25 years.

Jenny Hille

Jenny Hille is a book and paper conservator and library consultant based in Riverside, Connecticut. She created most of the illustrations in the book. Hille trained and worked at the Yale University Conservation laboratory and studied book conservation and fine binding in Europe. She holds an M.Phil from Yale University and MLS from Southern Connecticut University. She teaches library conservation workshops and conducts preservation surveys for libraries in the New York metropolitan area and Connecticut.

"A solid base of information about the techniques, equipment, and materials needed to preserve materials."
--Reference & Research Book News

"Beautifully crafted and illustrated. Why should technical services librarians purchase another book on preservation? Balloffet and Hille have illustrated almost every page with photographs and line drawings."