Preparing Collections for Digitization

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Providing digital access to library and archives collections is becoming an increasingly widespread practice, and there is high demand for guidance on the process. This practical guide offers advice for every step of digitizing collections, covering such topics as selecting records, choosing equipment, dealing with damaged documents, and wider issues like the use of surrogates for preservations and the long term sustainability of digital access. This book is essential reading for anyone beginning or currently managing a digitization project. 

1. Digitization in the context of collection management

  • Introduction
  • The impact of new technologies 
  • Collection management
  • Access to content and context
  • Planning and processing with minimal risk
  • The four phases of digitization 
  • Fitting digitization into collection management 
  • Chapter summary 
  • Bibliography   

2. Before you digitize: resources, suppliers and surrogates 

  • Introduction
  • Impact on the institution 
  • Choosing to outsource
  • The role of microfilm 
  • Chapter summary 
  • Bibliography  

3. The digital image - Ross Spencer

  • Introduction
  • Basic concepts 
  • Post-processing
  • Image specification
  • Setting a standard 
  • Chapter summary 
  • Bibliography   

4. The process of selection

  • Introduction 
  • A strategy for digitization
  • The principles and process of selection
  • Prioritization 
  • Special collections
  • Chapter summary 
  • Bibliography   

5. Surveying collections 

  • Introduction
  • Why do a survey?
  • Conducting a survey 
  • Analysing data and making recommendations 
  • Chapter summary 
  • Bibliography   

6. Equipment for image capture 

  • Introduction
  • Risks during imaging 
  • Features to consider
  • Types of equipment 
  • Selecting and testing 
  • Chapter summary 
  • Bibliography   

7. Preparation of document formats and fastenings 

  • Introduction
  • Preparing formats and fastenings 
  • Fitting preparation into the workflow
  • Chapter summary 
  • Bibliography   

8. Preparation of damaged documents 

  • Introduction
  • Is conservation work always needed? 
  • Treatment options 
  • Documentation
  • Fitting conservation work into the workflow 
  • Chapter summary 
  • Bibliography 

9. Setting up the imaging operation

  • Introduction
  • Working environment
  • Workflow and document tracking 
  • Staffing
  • Chapter summary 
  • Bibliography 
  • Conclusion  

Further reading 

  • General guidelines 
  • The digital image 
  • Equipment for image capture

"A valuable resource for all collection and project managers who have responsibility for the preservation of archival collections, as well as industry professionals whose role touches on the digitization of collections."
--MmIT Journal