Meaningful Metrics: A 21st Century Librarian's Guide to Bibliometrics, Altmetrics, and Research Impact

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What does it mean to have meaningful metrics in today's complex higher education landscape? With a foreword by Heather Piwowar and Jason Priem, this highly engaging and activity-laden book serves to introduce readers to the fast-paced world of research metrics from the unique perspective of academic librarians and LIS practitioners.

Starting with the essential histories of bibliometrics and altmetrics, and continuing with in-depth descriptions of the core tools and emerging issues at stake in the future of both fields, Meaningful Metrics is a convenient all-in-one resource that is designed to be used by a range of readers, from those with little to no background on the subject to those looking to become movers and shakers in the current scholarly metrics movement. Authors Borchardt and Roemer, offer tips, tricks, and real-world examples illustrate how librarians can support the successful adoption of research metrics, whether in their institutions or across academia as a whole.

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Part 1. Impact


Chapter 1: Understanding Impact
Chapter 2: Impact in Practice

Part 2. Bibliometrics



Chapter 3: Understanding Bibliometrics
Chapter 4: Bibliometrics in Practice

Part 3. Altmetrics



Chapter 5: Understanding Altmetrics
Chapter 6: Altmetrics in Practice

Part 4. Special Topics



Chapter 7: Disciplinary Impact
Chapter 8: Impact and the Role of Librarians

About the Authors


Robin Chin Roemer

Robin Chin Roemer is the head of Instructional Design and Outreach Services for University of Washington Libraries, where she has worked since 2013. She previously worked as a communication librarian at American University in Washington, DC. She holds a BA and MA in English, and an MLIS from the University of Washington. Her publications include the 2015 handbook Meaningful Metrics: A 21st Century Librarian’s Guide to Bibliometrics, Altmetrics, and Research Impact, as well as numerous professional articles on altmetrics and digital pedagogy.

Rachel Borchardt

Rachel Borchardt is the Science Librarian at American University in Washington, DC. In addition to research metrics, her library passions include instruction, assessment, and marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, running, and playing games of all kinds. Her dream is to one day own a pinball machine, preferably Medieval Madness. She currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with her husband, Dalmatian-mixed breed dog, Rorschach, and two cats, Sadie and Cole.