Maximizing School Librarian Leadership: Building Connections for Learning and Advocacy

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How do school librarians best serve students, classroom teachers, and principals simultaneously? The key, argues Moreillon, is to lead. By embracing a leadership role, school librarians can work collaboratively to positively impact school cultures, curricula, and teaching practices. The inspiration, guidance, and strategies presented in this book will support school librarians as they make and sustain connections and advocate for their central role in future-ready learning. Demonstrating the conceptual insight that have made her previous books bestsellers, Moreillon

  • details how school librarians, in their leadership and instructional partner roles, can make essential connections that build and sustain a culture of learning in their schools;
  • touches upon AASL’s new National School Library Standards and recently published AASL position statements;
  • bridges school librarians’ practice with the work of education thought leaders and educational initiatives, such as Future Ready Librarians and the International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Students and Educators; and
  • includes a study guide complete with discussion questions, activities, and reflection questions for each chapter to support readers in using this book as a book study selection.

This book offers preservice and practicing school librarians, district-level library supervisors, school librarian educators, school principals and administrators, and other stakeholders strategies and tools for positioning school librarians as instructional leaders.

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Chapter 1    Building Connections for Learning
Chapter 2    Job-Embedded Professional Development
Chapter 3    Inquiry Learning
Chapter 4    Traditional Literacy Learning
Chapter 5    Deeper Learning
Chapter 6    Digital Learning
Chapter 7    Assessment
Chapter 8    Leadership and Advocacy
Chapter 9    Sustaining Connections in a Collaborative Culture

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Judi Moreillon

Judi Moreillon is a literacies and libraries consultant, adjunct associate professor, and the recipient of the 2019 Scholastic Publishing Award. She a staunch advocate for the leader and instructional partner roles of school librarians. A 2017-2019 mentor for the Lilead Project, Judi served for thirteen years as a coteaching school librarian at all three instructional levels. As a school librarian, she collaborated with classroom teachers, specialists, and principals to ensure that educators practiced effective instructional strategies and integrated library resources into the classroom curriculum.

In addition, Judi has taught graduate students in library science for more than 20 years. She has developed and taught courses including librarians as instructional partners and conducted research related to the school librarian’s leadership and instructional partner roles. Judi has also served as a district-level school librarian mentor, a literacy coach, a classroom teacher, and a preservice classroom teacher educator. She currently chairs AASL’s Reading Position Statements Task Force and serves as the co-chair of the Teacher Librarian Division of the Arizona Library Association.

Her books for ALA include Collaborative Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension: Maximizing Your Impact (2007), Coteaching Reading Comprehension Strategies in Secondary School Libraries: Maximizing Your Impact (2012), Coteaching Reading Comprehension Strategies in Elementary School Libraries: Maximizing Your Impact (2013), and Maximizing School Librarian Leadership: Building Connections for Learning and Advocacy. Judi’s homepage is She blogs at and tweets @CactusWoman with #schoollibrarianleadership and #buildingconnections4learning.

”Provides a comprehensive guide to the often-precarious art of educational partnership building ... this title is worth the investment for school librarians and their education partners."
— Booklist

”Sustaining a collaborative learning culture is a challenge, writes the author. [Moreillon] outlines ways librarians, teachers, principals, families and communities can work together to empower the learning culture."

”Once again, Moreillon does not disappoint: she is a master at breaking down evidence-based practices into tangible strategies for library and classroom instruction ... Each chapter ends with activities designed to give the reader an individualized takeaway as well as reflection. I especially appreciated the chapter on Assessment, a section that discusses both student as well as librarian assessment. Many states conduct school librarian assessment using the same rubric as classroom teachers, despite the differential in work load and scope. Moreillon addresses tactics by which librarians can self-assess in the interest of fully representing their contributions to student learning. Structured as a 9-chapter book study, this material lends itself well to school librarian professional development on a range of important topics; consequently I plan to develop a future professional development offering based upon this book."
— Dr. Karen Reed, Middle Tennessee State University

"This is both a strong advocacy tool for the essential role of school librarians and a way to reimagine a school’s culture from the ground up."
— School Library Journal

"With the needs of today's (and tomorrow's) learners, school librarians will find this an indispensable professional tool in their arsenal ... Highly recommended."
— School Library Connection