Marcia A. Mardis

Marcia A. Mardis, professor of information science and associate dean for research at Florida State University’s College of Communication and Information, received her master of science degree in information at the University of Michigan in 1992 and her doctorate in education from Eastern Michigan University in 2005. Marcia was a school librarian for ten years in Michigan and Texas, while also serving as a high school debate coach and assistant headmaster. A lead writer and editor of the AASL National School Library Standards, Marcia also led “last mile” broadband implementation projects for Merit Network at the University of Michigan, including Michigan’s digital library for K–12 educators (1998–2008). Marcia loves spending time with family and her three dogs, traveling, walking, and working on logic puzzles.

book cover for Engage (Shared Foundations Series)
Engage (Shared Foundations Series)