Ladislava N. Khailova

Dr. Ladislava N. Khailova is an associate professor at the Founders Memorial Library, Northern Illinois University, serving as a humanities and social sciences subject specialist and coordinator of library services for persons with disabilities. Born in the Czech Republic, Khailova came to the United States as a Fulbright grantee to study twentieth-century American literature and, subsequently, library and information science. She earned a PhD in English and an MLIS from the University of South Carolina and an MA in Russian and American studies from Charles University in Prague. Khailova’s ability to produce quality research studies has been repeatedly recognized, as evidenced by her list of publications and awards. She has published articles on the historical and cultural factors that shape constructions of the social Other (in terms of disability, national origin, race, ethnicity, or gender), including the immigrant Other. She has also been awarded a number of grants in her topic area, including the prestigious ALA Carnegie-Whitney Award in 2015. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and their two children, who are growing up trilingual.

The Stories We Share: A Guide to PreK–12 Books on the Experience of Immigrant Children and Teens in the United States