Jeanne Harrell

Jeanne Harrell received her MLS from the University of Oklahoma in 1982. She joined the faculty at Texas AandM University in 1985 and received tenure in 1993. She is currently Coordinator of Monograph and Automated Acquisitions and served as Head of Acquisitions for many years. Previously, she was a cataloger and LIAS trainer at the University of Tulsa. Harrell has been active in the Texas Library Association and the American Library Association since 1985 in numerous leadership roles and is currently chair-elect of the Acquisitions Section of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services of the American Library Association. She has published mainly in the area of library acquisitions, most recently in fund accounting and e-book management, including patron-driven acquisitions.

Guide to Ethics in Acquisitions
Guide to Ethics in Acquisitions—eEditions e-book