Get the Job: Academic Library Hiring for the New Librarian—eEditions PDF e-book

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Academia is a strange and wonderful beast, governed by rules and traditions that can be opaque to those that have never worked professionally within its unique corridors. The academic job search is a very specific process that only superficially resembles a job search in other fields.

Get the Job: Academic Library Hiring for the New Librarian is a concise, practical guide to the job search for librarians interested in a career in academic libraries. It opens with concrete suggestions for how to direct your education toward full-time employment and get the most out of student experiences. The majority of the book is dedicated to the job hunt itself, covering the various steps of the academic hiring process, breaking each step into manageable pieces, and providing lots of tips and insights from the perspective of the search committee. Special emphasis is placed on the presentation, one of the most stressful and novel parts of the interview process for a new librarian. Along the way you’ll get glimpses into the “whys” of academia and how they manifest in the hiring processes. Finally, there is guidance for after a job offer, providing tips on negotiation and concluding with practical advice for the first year of a new job.

The goal is to empower the new job seeker and help focus your energy in a positive direction. Get the Job emphasizes the concrete actions that a job seeker can take in both mindset and material creation, and provides support and constructive suggestions for not just surviving but thriving during the job-seeking process.


Chapter 1. Setting Yourself Up for Success
Chapter 2. Preparing for the Job Hunt
Chapter 3. Topics in Higher Education
Chapter 4. Reading the Job Ad
Chapter 5. The Application Package
Chapter 6. Putting It in Practice
Chapter 7. The Phone Interview
Chapter 8. The Presentation
Chapter 9. The Full Day Interview
Chapter 10. The Other Side of the Fence
Chapter 11. The Final Employment Details
Chapter 12:. Lessons for the Job Hunt
Chapter 13. The First Year


Meggan Press

Meggan Press is the Interim Head of Teaching and Learning and the Undergraduate Education Librarian at Indiana University – Bloomington. As the administrator of IUB’s information literacy grant program, she works closely with faculty and librarians to integrate information literacy throughout the curriculum in many different subject areas. She has a particular interest in developing librarians as teachers, from MLIS through professionals, and in that capacity facilitates a thriving professional community of practice as well as instructing library school students through IUB’s program. She writes and presents on topics related to developing librarians, library instruction, and instructional design.