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Help tweens and teens become good digital citizens. The decisions they make online are as important as the ones they make in person. In our increasingly digital world, it’s critical that kids learn to navigate online spaces respectfully and safely. These five tips by experts in the field, LeeAnn Lindsey, Ed.D. and Kristen Mattson, Ed.D., will help library users participate fully and sensibly online and in life.

About Dr. LeeAnn Lindsey
Dr. LeeAnn Lindsey has 20+ years of experience as a teacher and ed tech specialist, and currently serves as an education consultant and self-described digital citizenship junkie. Dr. Lindsey was a contributing author of the current ISTE Standards for Students (2016) and Educators (2017) which prioritize digital citizenship education.

About Dr. Kristen Mattson
Dr. Kristen Mattson is an educator with 15 years of experience in the field of school librarianship. She is the author of Digital Citizenship in Action: Empowering Students to Engage in Online Communities (ISTE, 2017) and Ethics in a Digital World: Guiding Students Through Society's Biggest Questions (ISTE, 2021). 

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