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The most prestigious award for children's book illustration in the U.S., the Caldecott Medal has been presented annually by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association, since 1938. Polette has selected 40 of the most popular winners and assembled an exceptional array of activity sheets to use with the books to enrich classroom, afterschool, and storytime programs. Enhanced with whimsical illustrations by Paul Dillon, this resource includes word search puzzles, songs, story strips, fill-in-the-blank fun, arts and crafts projects, and other activities all tailored perfectly to the content of each award book. Available as a PDF, Caldecott Fun is easy to download, and ready to copy and use. Children’s librarians, teachers, and anyone doing programming for children in preschool through the elementary grades will find this collection an invaluable and fun introduction to Caldecott Medal winners.

Introduction 1
Arrow to the Sun (1975)
Catch the Clue, 3; Word Search, 4
The Biggest Bear (1953) 
Find Someone Who, 6; Echo Reading, 7; Story Strips, 8; Art Activity, 9; Word Search, 10
Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper (1955) 
Find Someone Who, 12; Recalling the Tale, 13; Story Strips, 14; Crossword Puzzle, 15; Word Search, 16
Fables (1981) 
Find Someone Who, 18; Name That Fable, 19; Story Strips, 20; Step Forward, 21; Word Search, 22
Flotsam (2007) 
Find Someone Who, 24; Covering the Book, 25; Story Strips, 26; Song Activity, 27; Word Search, 28
The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship (1969) 
Find Someone Who, 30; Booktalk, 31; Story Strips, 32; Poetry Activity, 33; Word Search, 34
The Funny Little Woman (1973) 
Poetry Activity, 36; Find Someone Who, 37; Story Strips, 38; Art Activity, 39; Word Search, 40
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses (1979) 
Find Someone Who, 42; Echo Reading, 43; Story Strips, 44; Symbol Activity, 45; Word Search, 46
Grandfather's Journey (1994) 
Find Someone Who, 48; Story Strips, 49; Song Activity, 50; Quiz Show, 51, Word Search, 52
The Hello, Goodbye Window (2006) 
Find Someone Who, 54; Poetry Activity, 55; Story Strips, 56; Art Activity, 57, Word Search, 58
Hey, Al (1987) 
Find Someone Who, 60; Poetry Activity, 61; Story Strips, 62; Art Activity, 63, Word Search, 64
The House in the Night (2009) 
Find Someone Who, 66; Song Activity, 67; Story Strips, 68; Art Activity, 69, Word Search, 70
The Invention of Hugo Cabret (2008) 
Find Someone Who, 72; Booktalk, 73; Story Strips, 74; Magic Lessons, 75
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat (2000) 
Find Someone Who, 77; Song Activity, 78; Story Strips, 79; Art Activity, 80; Word Search, 81
Jumanji (1982) 
Find Someone Who, 83; Poetry Activity, 84; Story Strips, 85; Art Act
Kitten's First Full Moon (2005) 
Find Someone Who, 89; Song Activity, 90; Story Strips, 91; Art Activity, 92; Word Search, 93
The Lion and the Mouse (2010) 
Find Someone Who, 95; Story Strips, 96; Art Activity, 97–98; Word Search, 99
The Little House (1943) 
Find Someone Who, 101; Poetry Activity, 102; Story Strips, 103; Art Activity, 104; Word Search, 105
The Little Island (1947) 
Find Someone Who, 107; Song Activity 1, 108; Story Strips, 109; Song Activity 2, 110; Word Search, 111
Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China (1990) 
Find Someone Who, 113; Song Activity, 114; Story Strips, 115; Art Activity, 116; Word Search, 117
Madeline's Rescue (1954) 
Find Someone Who, 119; Poetry Activity, 120; Story Strips, 121; Art Activity, 122; Word Search, 123
Make Way for Ducklings (1942) 
Find Someone Who, 125; Song Activity, 126; Story Strips, 127; Art Activity, 128; Word Search, 129
The Man Who Walked between the Towers (2004) 
Find Someone Who, 131; Poetry Activity, 132; Story Strips, 133; Writing Activity, 134; Word Search, 135
Many Moons (1944) 
Find Someone Who, 137; Poetry Activity, 138; Story Strips, 139; Symbol Activity, 140; Word Search, 141
Mirette on the High Wire (1993) 
Find Someone Who, 143; Poetry Activity, 144; Story Strips, 145; Code Activity, 146; Word Search, 147
My Friend Rabbit (2003) 
Find Someone Who, 149; Song Activity, 150; Story Strips, 151; Art Activity, 152; Word Search, 153
Officer Buckle and Gloria (1996) 
Find Someone Who, 155; Song Activity, 156; Story Strips, 157; Writing Activity, 158; Word Search, 159
Owl Moon (1988) 
Find Someone Who, 161; Song Activity, 162; Story Strips, 163; Art Activity, 164; Word Search, 165
Ox-Cart Man (1980) 
Find Someone Who, 167; Song Activity, 168; Story Strips, 169; Sorting Activity, 170; Word Search, 171
The Polar Express (1986) 
Find Someone Who, 173; Song Activity, 174; Story Strips, 175; Art Activity, 176; Word Search, 177
Rapunzel (1998) 
Find Someone Who, 179; Writing Activity, 180; Story Strips, 181; Art/Writing Activities, 182–183; Word Search, 184
A Sick Day for Amos McGee (2011) 
Find Someone Who, 186; Song Activity, 187; Story Strips, 188; Art Activity, 189; Word Search, 190
Smoky Night (1995) 
Find Someone Who, 192; Poetry Booktalk, 193; Story Strips, 194
Snowflake Bentley (1999) 
Find Someone Who, 196; Poetry Activity, 197; Story Strips, 198; Collage Activity, 199; Word Search, 200
The Snowy Day (1963) 
Find Someone Who, 202; Song Activity, 203; Story Strips, 204; Maze, 205; Word Search, 206
So You Want to Be President? (2001) 
Find Someone Who, 208; Poetry Activity, 209; Book Trivia, 210; Writing Activity, 211; Word Search, 212
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (1970) 
Find Someone Who, 214; Poetry Activity, 215; Story Strips, 216; Art Activity, 217; Word Search, 218
This Is Not My Hat (2013) 
Find Someone Who, 220; Song Activity, 221; Story Strips, 222; Writing Activity, 223; Word Search, 224
Where the Wild Things Are (1964) 
Find Someone Who, 226; Song Activity, 227; Story Strips, 228; Art Activity, 229; Word Search, 230
White Snow, Bright Snow (1948) 
Find Someone Who, 232; Song Activity, 233; Story Strips, 234; Writing Activity, 235; Word Search, 236
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears (1976) 
Find Someone Who, 238; Writing Activity, 239; Story Strips, 240; Labeling Activity, 241; Word Search, 242
Answer Key 243
Bibliography 246

Nancy Polette

Nancy Polette is Professor of Education at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. She is a former classroom teacher, Director of Library/Media Services and Gifted Programs in St. Louis County, and Director of the Lindenwood University Laboratory School. She is an in-demand conference speaker and the author of more than 100 professional books and ten children's books, including Gifted or Goof-Off, which won the Texas LegacyAward. School Library Journal describes her as "an educator with imagination, creativity, and an appreciation forthe intelligence of children."

Paul Dillon

Paul Dillon, a cartoonist/illustrator raised in Texas, received his degree in art from the University of Arkansas atLittle Rock. He has been illustrating children's books and activity books for Nancy Polette since 1992.

Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC)

The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association, is dedicated to the support and enhancement of library service to children. Its vision is for its members to engage communities to build healthy, successful futures for all children. For a century, ALSC members have carefully examined and discussed books published each year to recognize and honor the very best in children’s literature through its various awards, including the Newbery and Caldecott Medals. Through its work and resources, ALSC supports librarians serving youth, families, teachers, literature experts, and child advocates.

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