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This new compilation from editor and maker Kroski spotlights a multitude of creative projects that you can tailor for your own library. Librarians and makers from across the country present projects as fun as an upcycled fashion show, as practical as Bluetooth speakers, and as mischievous as a catapult. Included are projects for artists, sewers, videographers, coders, and engineers. The handy reference format will help you quickly identify the estimated costs, materials, and equipment; and because several projects don’t even require a dedicated makerspace, every library can join in. Inside you’ll find how-to guidance for projects like

  • a foam rocket launcher;
  • stop-motion animation with 3D print characters;
  • found-object robots;
  • glowing ghost marionettes;
  • Arduino eTextiles;
  • magnetic slime;
  • yarn painting;
  • fidget flannels;
  • an LED brooch; and
  • cardboard sculpture.

With takeaways like origami tea lights or a t-shirt tote bag, your patrons will be sure to remember how much fun your library can be.

List of Figures

Paper, Cardboard, and Crafts Projects


1.    Create Your Own Lava Lamps by Jessica Logan
2.    Host an Upcycled Fashion Show by Spring Lavallee
3.    Do-It-Yourself Chain Mail by Heather Buhler
4.    How to Make Your Own Cardboard Standup by Melissa Salnave
5.    Hydro-Dipping Flower Pots by Silvia Gutierrez
6.    Create Magnetic Slime by Jessica Logan
7.    Duct Tape Crafts: Wallet and Rose by Catherine Blair
8.    Create Papercraft Toys by Catherine Blair
9.    Card-Making with Conductive Paint by Lyssa Troemel
10.    Build and Launch Foam Rockets by Nick Madsen
11.    Create Pet Rocks and Rock Pets by Heidi Colom

Sewing and Textiles Projects



12.    Fidget Flannels by Amanda Kramer
13.    Sew a Glowing Ghost Marionette by Lyssa Troemel
14.    Hand Sew a Mini Stuffed Animal by Leanne Posey
15.    Transform a T-Shirt to Tote Bag in Ten Steps by Silvia Gutierrez
16.    Yarn Painting by Jessica Logan
17.    Create a Woven Communi-Tree by Spring Lavallee
18.    Sew a Zippered Pencil Pouch by Lyssa Troemel
19.    Sew Your Own Flag by Katherine Lawrence
20.    Sew a Pillowcase Photo Frame by Silvia Gutierrez 

Circuitry, Wiring, and Wearables Projects



21.    Create e-Textiles with LilyPad Arduino by Hannah Pope
22.    Create a Soft Circuit Bracelet by Susan Barnum
23.    Create LED Origami Tea Lights by Susan Barnum
24.    Make LED Bookmarks by Jessica Logan
25.    Create an LED Brooch by Casey McCoy
26.    R’Orchestra: Musical Instruments with Makey-Makey by Cory Greenwood
27.    Begin Soldering and Earn a Blinking LED Badge by Laura Baker

Milling, Soldering, and Cutting Projects



28.    Create a Wooden Maze with a CNC Mill Machine by Erik Carlson
29.    Create Your Own Catapults by Laura Baker
30.    Laser-Cut a Cardboard Glider Plane by Erik Carlson
31.    Create a Custom Sign Using a Silhouette Vinyl Cutter by Lyssa Troemel
32.    Laser-Cut Your Own Greeting Card by Jacqueline R. Mitchell
33.    Build a Six-Piece Interlocking Burr Puzzle by Erik Carlson
34.    Create a Cardboard Sculpture Using a Laser Cutter by Jacqueline R. Mitchell
35.    Create Hidden Treasure Boxes by Amanda Kramer and Brian Palmer
36.    Build Bluetooth Speakers by Brian Palmer
37.    Create Stamps to Tell Stories by Lizzie Nolan

High-Tech Programming and Robotics Projects



38.    Scribble Droid: Making a Robot out of Found Objects by Laura Baker
39.    Build Solar Robots by Jessica Logan
40.    Robot Biomimicry by Michael Cherry
41.    3D Printing and Robotics: Hooks and Hammers by Michael Cherry
42.    Create a DIY Raspberry Pi Bar Code Scanner by Tom Tran
43.    Sonic Pi for Creative Coders by Kate Lomax
44.    Create an Utrasonic Speed Detector by Joe Stewart, James Bettke, Annie Stewart, and Shane Mann
45.    Privacy and Security Awareness Training with Raspberry Pi by Kate Lomax

Digital Media Projects



46.    Make a Movie in Four Hours by Nick Madsen
47.    Light Painting by Emily Stratford
48.    Storyboarding to Create Films without Celluloid by Andy Horbal and Lealin Queen
49.    Video Editing to Remix Films by Andy Horbal and Lealin Queen
50.    Black History Month Interview Project by Sienna Cittadino
51.    Hack a JPEG Image by Sienna Cittadino
52.    Green Screen Photography by Amelia Vander Heide
53.    Create Digitized Sketchbooks by Ingrid Grace

3D Printing Projects



54.    Turn Yourself into a Chocolate Lollipop! by Sienna Cittadino
55.    3D Print a Bust of Yourself by Andy Horbal, Preston Tobery, and Yitzhak Paul
56.    Create Your Own Board Game by Jessica Logan
57.    Create 3D Prints on Fabric by Hannah Pope
58.    3D Print a Marionette by Lyssa Troemel
59.    3D Print Characters for Stop-Motion Films by Michael Cherry
60.    Hack a 3D Print by Susan Barnum
61.    Turn 2D Graphics into 3D Prints by Susan Barnum
62.    Create Your Own 3D Designs by Samantha Trinh
63.    Create a 3D Touch Display for the Library by Juan Denzer


Ellyssa Kroski

Ellyssa Kroski is the Director of Information Technology and Marketing at the New York Law Institute as well as an award-winning editor and author of 60 books, including Law Librarianship in the Age of AI for which she received AALL's 2020 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award. She is a librarian, an adjunct faculty member at Drexel and San Jose State Universities, and an international conference speaker. She received the 2017 Library Hi Tech Award from the ALA/LITA for her long-term contributions in the area of Library and Information Science technology and its application. She can be found at:

”The breadth and variety of projects make this a useful source for any library or makerspace serving middle school and older students. School libraries serving advanced upper elementary students may also find some inspiration in projects that can be adapted for younger students."
— School Library Connection

”Well organized and easy to follow ... Whether readers are new to maker spaces or have been implementing them for years, they'll find these examples inspiring."
— School Library Journal

”Filled with fascinating suggestions ... Encouraging STEM skills is a major thrust of the book, and for schools that have the technological equipment, many of these projects are excellent reinforcers of classroom instruction."
— Catholic Library World