Compact Copyright: Quick Answers to Common Questions—eEditions PDF e-book

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Included in Choice's Top 75 Titles and Resources for Community College Libraries

Focusing on copyright topics that arise frequently, including the right of first sale, fair use, and copying for preservation, this book will help library workers provide quick guidance for common situations.

Faculty, students, and colleagues come to you with copyright questions, both simple and complex. And they all want reliable answers—as fast as you can get them. With this guide, designed for ready access, you’ll be prepared to deliver. Lawyer, copyright librarian, and iSchool instructor Benson presents succinct explanations ideal for both on-the-fly reference and staff training. Copyright specialists will appreciate excerpts from the law itself alongside tools and resources for digging deeper. Practical discussions of key legal concepts, illustrated using 52 scenarios, will lead you to fast, accurate answers on a range of topics, such as

  • barriers to using the TEACH Act provisions in content for online teaching;
  • showing a full-length movie in a university class;
  • public domain and the 1998 Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act;
  • your legal options when receiving a DMCA take-down notice;
  • court interpretations of fair use in three key recent cases;
  • Creative Commons licenses, complete with a quick reference chart;
  • library rights to license photographs in a digital collection;
  • using letters under copyright in a special collections display case;
  • a grad student’s right to use in a thesis writing published in their professor’s journal article;
  • applying the implied license option to post historical student dissertations in institutional repositories;
  • the Marrakesh Treaty provision supporting transfer of accessible works internationally; and
  • limiting factors for interlibrary loan.

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Chapter 1    Copyright Basics
Chapter 2    The First Sale Doctrine
Chapter 3    The Public Domain 
Chapter 4    Making Copies for Preservation
Chapter 5    Interlibrary Loan and Unsupervised Patron Copying
Chapter 6    Access to Copyrighted Material for Patrons with Disabilities
Chapter 7    Face-to-Face Teaching versus Public Performance Rights
Chapter 8    The TEACH Act
Chapter 9    Noncommercial Performance of Nondramatic Literary or Musical Works
Chapter 10    Fair Use
Chapter 11    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Circumvention Provisions
Chapter 12    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice and Takedown Provisions
Chapter 13    Select International Copyright Library Issues
Chapter 14    The Implied License Doctrine
Chapter 15    Sovereign Immunity
Chapter 16    Copyright Metadata and Rights Statements
Chapter 17    Controlled Digital Lending
Chapter 18    Creative Commons Licensing


  • Appendix A    Fair Use Checklist
  • Appendix B    Copyright and Film Screening Best Practices
  • Appendix C    Additional Recommended Reading and Materials


Sara R. Benson

Sara R. Benson is the copyright librarian and an assistant professor at the Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She holds a JD from the University of Houston Law Center, an LLM from Boalt Hall School of Law at Berkeley, and an MSLIS from the School of Information Science at the University of Illinois. Prior to joining the library, Sara was a lecturer at the University of Illinois College of Law for ten years. Sara is the host of the Podcast ©hat (“Copyright Chat”) available on iTunes.

"The book really is, as Benson says, 'like having an at-your-fingertips copyright expert sitting by your side.' The volume is expertly organized into easily navigable chapters ... Librarians will find value in this work, whether they treat it as a reference or read it cover to cover."
— Library Journal

"An accessible work that should be included in every academic library’s collection. From her efficient organization to her easy-to-understand explanations, Benson does everything right ... Even those with little or no copyright knowledge will feel more confident after reading it."
— Choice

"A must-have for anyone in the library and information settings and could also be quite a useful guide for those working in primary and higher education ... Although the book can be read from beginning to end, the author arranged the contents in such a way that it can serve as a ready-reference guide to use whenever questions arise or specific situations occur."
— Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship