Qualitative Research for the Information Professional, Second Edition: A Practical Handbook

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In recent years qualitative methodologies have been attracting significant and growing interest as research tools. Until the first edition of this book, there was very little in the field of library and information management that provided an introduction to this method of research. Gorman and Clayton have answered this need with an integrated manual on how to conduct qualitative research. Its extensive coverage includes all aspects of work in this field from conception to completion, and all types of study in a variety of settings from multi-site studies to data organization. The book features many examples and case studies and offers a comprehensive manual of practice designed for LIS professionals.

Since the last edition there have been major advances in the volume and quality of Web-based information relevant to qualitative research methods and practice, as well as relevant software applications and resources. These vital changes pervade and inform this new edition, which also contains a new directory of global software applications. The new edition covers: the nature of qualitative research; qualitative research design; case studies; fieldwork; formulating a research plan; interviewing; group discussion techniques; historical investigation; analyzing qualitative data; writing research reports; evaluating qualitative research. It is a useful tool for all library professionals and information managers.