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Become a Power Searcher: 10 Secrets to Using Internet Search Tools Effectively Workshop
Nicole Hennig
Item Number: 1541-9275
Publisher: ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions
Price: $65.00
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A 90-minute workshop, Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 2:30pm Eastern/1:30 Central/12:30 Mountain/11:30am Pacific

This is an online event hosted through Webex. Further information is available at the ALA Store FAQ page.

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Become a Power Searcher: 10 Secrets to Using Internet Search Tools Effectively Workshop
A 90-minute workshop, Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 2:30pm Eastern/1:30 Central/12:30 Mountain/11:30am Pacific

As information professionals, you’re trained as expert searchers to help users find relevant information and content. How can you do this in a way that saves time and is more efficient? In this workshop, learn the 10 secrets to using internet search tools more effectively, so you can quickly find the most useful information for you and your users. You’ll learn how to effortlessly search vast amounts of information to locate exactly what you’re looking for, including websites, news, images, videos, statistics, maps, books, definitions, translations, and more. By the end of this session, you’ll have the tools to be a power searcher and have the best tips to fully utilize Google, Wolfram Alpha, and several other search engines. 

This workshop covers:

  • Advanced tips for Google searching
  • Pros and cons of Google’s search personalization and how to turn it off 
  • Searching other parts of Google, including Google Scholar, News, Translate, Videos, Books, and Maps
  • Protecting your search privacy
  • Social media search tools and when to use them: Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Multimedia searching: videos, podcasts, images, and how to filter by usage rights, color, and other criteria
  • Finding old websites with the Wayback Machine
  • Finding data, statistics, and much more with Wolfram Alpha
  • Searching by voice with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant

Learning Outcomes:

By participating in this workshop, you will

  • Learn how to search Google and other search engines more effectively.
  • Learn about several different free search tools and when to use each
  • Get information you can use to teach patrons about searching
  • Receive a handy pre- and post- quiz (with answers), so you can test their knowledge before and after the workshop.

About the Instructor

Nicole Hennig is an expert in mobile technologies for libraries. In her 14 years of experience at the MIT Libraries, she won awards for innovation and worked to keep academics up to date with the best mobile technologies. Now she has her own business helping librarians stay current with new technologies. She is the author of several books, including Keeping Up with Emerging Technologies and Apps for Librarians. Like most librarians, she is passionate about access to information for all. To stay current with the best technologies for education and productivity, sign up for her email newsletter, Mobile Apps News, on


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