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Closing the Word Gap: How a Museum/Library/Research Partnership Created Community Impact through Parent Education (ALSC webcast archive)—GROUP RATE
Natalie Bortoli, Jennifer Farrington, Liz McChesney, and Beth Suskind for ALSC
Item Number: 22172
Publisher: ALSC
Price: $195.00
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This is a group rate for 3 or more people gathered in one room at one location to view this on-demand webinar. If you are viewing alone or with one other viewer, please purchase at the individual rate.

Note: This webinar is not taking place live; to view the webcast you will need a computer with internet access and speakers. This webcast is only intended to be viewed by the purchaser and should not be shared. The purchaser is not limited to the number of times he/she may watch the session, but the link will expire after one year.

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Technical requirements:
To playback this on-demand webinar you should have the newest version of Adobe Flash Player installed and Javascript enabled in your web browser. A fast internet connection and computer is recommended. We suggest that groups, especially larger groups, plan ahead to use an LCD/LED projector in the room to project the webinar recording. Groups will also want to have speakers capable of amplifying the webinar audio for the entire room.

How can collaborations between researchers, museums, and libraries create impact in the community? How can libraries serve as effective sites for parent education? Staff from Chicago Children's Museum and the Thirty Million Words Initiative will illustrate how they partnered with the Chicago Public Library to translate research-based messaging into a public exhibit (The 3T's: Tune In, Talk More, Take Turns) aimed at empowering parents and closing the word gap. Participants will gather insights on how to build effective partnerships, how to effectively reach parents, and how to strike a balance between providing information and hands-on interaction.
Learning Outcomes

By attending this webinar:
  • Attendees will be able to identify tactics for building successful partnerships with researchers and museums.
  • Attendees will be able to identify the qualities of effective research-based messaging for exhibits in libraries (such as tone, quantity, scope).
  • Attendees will recognize how to develop meaningful audience outcomes.

About the Instructors

Natalie Bortoli is the V.P. of Programming and Experience Development at Chicago Children's Museum.

Elizabeth Hanson-McChesney is the Director of System Wide Children and Family Services for Chicago Public Library.

Jennifer Farrington is the President and CEO of Chicago Children's Museum.

Beth Suskind is the Co-Director of the Thirty Million Words Initiative at The University of Chicago Medicine.

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